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A little about us

Children learn as they play. We believe play allows them to relax, let off steam, develop social skills such as concentration and co-operation, encourages the development of the imagination, develops motor skills and teaches self-expression.

It is important that learning is fun because if children are enjoying themselves they become very absorbed in what they are doing. In turn, this helps them develop the ability to concentrate.

As a parent, you probably love to see your child playing. It’s incredible to hear their ideas and to learn about the new worlds they create. It’s also fun to see how creative they can be as they put their imagination to use in learning about the world around them. At our daycares your child will have many opportunities to express themselves in both free play and guided play.

Our location in Riyadh


Al Romaizan Compound, Riyadh

Our Al Romaizan Daycare runs out of a purpose built facility on Al Romaizan Compund, a western compound which is situated near Imam University on the north side of Riyadh off Othman bin Affan Rd. The compound is situated close to the airport, Grenada, Riyadh and Al Nakheel Malls.

The daycare includes indoor play and learning spaces for 1-4 year olds, as well a designated sleep space. There are also securely fenced and shaded outdoor areas.

The Daycare also has access to other areas on the compound such as the outdoor play areas.

The Compound is securely fenced and has a security crew who provide the necessary security precautions to maintain the safety and security of all.

Child safety is a priority. The Al Romaizan Compound is securely fenced and has a security crew who provide the necessary security precautions to maintain the safety and security of all. In order to access the Compound visitors to 

MNKids must register their details with Security 24 hours ahead of their visit. This can be arranged via the Registrar. Once your child is enrolled at MNKids you will receive a gate pass which will allow you access to the compound.

Highly trained professionals

Our friendly Ishbilia staff


Cristy Roque

Cristy is a kind, friendly member of our staff who has a big heart.  She makes the children feel welcome and cared for.  With her experience of working in Day Care Centers, she understands the needs of the children and ensures that they feel safe and secure.


Judy Quinet

Judy has a background of working with young children.  She is very creative and ensures that activities are exciting and child centered.  With her friendly personality, children are happy in her company and they will turn to her when they need help. 


Crystal Cajes

Crystal has lots of experience of working with young children.  Her planning is engaging and on their level, designed to develop and practice their skills and use of language.  As a mother of a young child, she has an insight into the needs and wants.  With her patient attitude, the children flourish in her care.

Fouzia Amjad - Ishbilia Daycare

Fouzia Amjad

Fouzia has experience in working with young children. She forms relationships with them and helps them to develop their skills. Her focus in on making the environment stimulating and interesting for them to flourish and to learn through play.

Our friendly Al Romaizan staff



Lorna is a mother of 3 beautiful children, she joined her husband in Saudi Arabia in 1999 and has worked in international kindergartens across Riyadh for most of her time here. She is always very cheerful and loves working with the younger children taking care of them. Outside of school, Lorna enjoys visiting the many restaurants and shopping malls that are available in Riyadh.



Aldona has worked her entire teaching career with kindergarten children. Apart from her degree in teaching, Aldona also has a Physiotherapy degree and practiced this in the United Kingdom before moving to Saudi Arabia. She has a strong belief in the power education yields and is passionate about helping children to flourish and reach their full potential. Outside of school, Aldona enjoys outdoor activities, visiting other countries and watching movies with her husband.



Judy arrived in Saudi Arabia in 1989 and has worked with many children in various kindergartens over the years. She loves working with this age group and believes that forming attachments with young children is very important for their development as well as communicating with them which helps them to feel secure and comfortable. Outside of school Judy loves playing sport and cooking.



 Erlinda has been in Saudi Arabia for 19 years and has worked in our school for over 12 of those years. Besides her early childhood training she has a nursing background which is very helpful when working with young children. Erlinda is very creative and uses these skills to enhance learning opportunities for the children in her care. Outside of school Erlinda enjoys going on adventures in the desert with her many friends.

Ahad Bashir


Ahad previosly worked with UNICEF and this has made a significant impact on how she works with children and how she engages with them. She believes that her exposure to working with many different children has given her a greater understanding of how to meet their basic needs, protect their human rights and to lead them in expanding their opportunities to be able to reach their full potential. Outside of school Ahad enjoys hiking, exploring new places, travelling and dancing.

Our daycare in pictures

Our daycares are owned and operated by Multinational School Riyadh. Our daycares offer appropriate play-based learning experiences for children aged 1-4 years. We offer flexible daycare packages for busy parents who want their children to spend quality time interacting with their peers and other positive adults.

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In line with the directives of the Director General of Education in regards to the COVID-19 outbreak, the daycare will remain closed starting from Monday 09/03/2020 until further notice.